June 5 2014

23rd Annual Brain Injury Awareness Month – Kickoff Breakfast

Brain Injury Awareness Month Breakfast

Every year the local group Brain Care Centre (@BrainCareCentre on twitter) puts on a breakfast to kickoff the Brain Injury Awareness Month.  This year Veronica Jubinville (@VeronicaCTV) hosted the event with special guests Associate Minister Naresh Bhardwaj, City Councillor Mike Nickel, Keynote speaker Dr. Constance Lebrun, and Featured Speaker Jennifer Martin (@JenMartinShawTV).

As well, the annual Ginny awards were presented to caregivers, Barb and Adam Eckert and to Claudia Berwald for Community Support.  The morning was fast and furious, as usual, and a great kickoff to BIA month.  For more information about the fine work done by Brain Care Centre see their website at www.braincarecentre.com  .