A Word About Confidentiality

Please note that this communication is not confidential and is not protected by any solicitor-client (sometimes called attorney-client) privilege. You should not send confidential or sensitive information by electronic mail (or, for that matter, by voice mail, fax, or ordinary postal mail) unless you have a pre-existing relationship with the person to whom you are sending the communication, and that person has a contractual or other legal obligation to keep the communication confidential. Although communications between a lawyer and client are confidential, your communication is not confidential if you are not the lawyer’s client. You should recognize that electronic mail may be stored and forwarded through several computer systems, and it is possible that someone may improperly read your email or disclose it. Your contacting us does not necessarily mean that we can represent you or help you with your legal problem. If your legal matter is one that we can help you with, we will contact you to discuss the matter further. Often additional consultation will be necessary for us to evaluate your situation properly.