Personal Injury Claims for Broken Bones

A broken bone (fracture) is a medical condition where there is damage to the continuity of the bone from a high force impact or stress to the bone like that resulting from a motor vehicle or bicycle accident, sports injury or recreational mishap.

Some simple bone fractures heal uneventfully and generally are stronger after healing at the fracture site than they were before the fracture. However, more serious fractures involve displacement or crushing and may require surgical fixation by an orthopaedic surgeon and months of rehabilitation. Similarly, in cases of multiple fractures broken bones are typically combined with other serious soft tissue injuries like damage to muscles, tendons, and discs. Combined injuries complicate the rehabilitation process and can lengthen the time it takes to reach maximum recovery.

The long-term effects of such fractures and associated injuries can include:

  • Permanent reduced range of motion and loss of use
  • Permanent, partial loss of use or disability
  • Loss of strength
  • Arthritis

Any of these problems can affect your job, future employability and the quality of your social, recreational and family life.

How CAM LLP Can Help

We have seen just about every type of orthopedic injury there is. We understand the range of impacts broken bones can have on individuals. We can help prepare you for the physical and emotional challenges that come with coping with a serious fracture.

Over the years, we have developed a reputable network of orthopaedic, physical and rehabilitation specialists who we can call on to assess your injuries, provide an accurate diagnosis, set up an effective treatment plan and provide a prognosis for your recovery.

Experience with this type of injury also means we know all the types of medical expenses involved and we are used to evaluating claims for loss of income, cost of care, out of pocket expenses as well as damages for pain and suffering so that you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries.


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