At CAM LLP, Injury Lawyers our team has significant experience advising and representing injured people in Edmonton and across Alberta.

Personal injury law is complex and the compensation process can be stressful, particularly when you are trying to cope with recovering from an injury. Choosing the right lawyer when you have suffered a serious personal injury is critical to protecting your legal rights and securing fair compensation.

We Helped Shape Personal Injury Law in Canada

Our firm was counsel in two of the three cases heard by the Supreme Court of Canada that set the standard for assessing personal injury damages in Canada. Since then, we have guided many clients through the legal process to successful resolutions of their claims. Learn about the history of our firm

We Continue to Exceed Expectations

We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients and their families—in both our personal service approach and the results we deliver. We have achieved court awards and out of court settlements from $5 Million (lump sum) to $30 Million (structured settlement)*. We have a reputation for being well prepared and insurance defence counsel take us seriously.

*Past results are not a guarantee of future outcomes. Awards will always vary depending on the unique facts of each case, the severity of the injury, duration of the loss and the overall impact of the injury on a client’s life.

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Experience in Personal Injury Law Does Matter

Personal injury is a unique area of legal practice. It takes time and experience to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to guide clients through recovery and the claims process to a good result.

In serious injury cases, hiring one of our experienced personal injury lawyers can make all the difference. We will:

  • quickly and accurately identify any legal issues in your case and explain them clearly, so that you understand,
  • take the necessary time to investigate the full impact of your injuries, including making sure that you are being seen by the right medical professionals and experts,
  • explain your options and provide a plan to move forward that includes getting you access to the resources you need to progress in your recovery,
  • present your case properly so insurance companies will listen, and
  • represent you in the legal proceedings best suited to your case, whether that’s settlement negotiations, mediation, Judicial Dispute Resolution, a mini-trial or a full trial in court.

In addition to the knowledge and legal skills that experience brings, we believe our ongoing success on behalf of our clients is due to:

  • Our attention to detail. We listen carefully to your story to get the full picture of how an injury has affected your life.
  • Our compassion. We care about your future well-being.
  • Our thorough preparation and perseverance. We get results.