How to File a Personal Injury Claim

February 25 2015

If you have been injured in a motor-vehicle accident, or hurt through the use of a product or another’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. An insurance company may offer you a settlement, but a personal injury lawyer will seek full compensation for the true extent of your injuries, including out-of-pocket expenses and future hardships. Each situation is different and talking with an experienced lawyer at Cummings Andrews Mackay LLP will help you determine what you may be able to claim.

The steps below are important to note if you’ve recently been in an accident as they must be put into action immediately following an injury:

  1. Contact the authorities and provide the required information to complete an accident report;
  2. Inform your insurance company of the accident;
  3. Seek medical assistance immediately following an accident;
  4. Contact a personal injury lawyer to maximize compensation.

The following information is offered as a guide to filing a personal injury claim in Edmonton, Alberta:

  1.    Contact an Edmonton personal injury lawyer after an accident to determine its’ potential for personal injury claim.

In Edmonton, Alberta, if you choose to sue another party for negligence you must file a Statement of Claim, which must be done within 2 years or less (depending on the situation of your accident). Your lawyer will need time to collect evidence and prepare your case to meet legal deadlines. Maximize your gains by contacting your lawyer as soon as possible.

  1.    Gather any evidence of your injury. Any of the following is considered evidence: copy of your police report, photographs of your injuries and/or the scene of the accident, medical documents related to the accident and any other documents, including receipts, that confirm lost income due to the injury.
  2.    Share all information and evidence you have regarding your injuries with your attorney and review your case.

Absolute honesty is necessary. Disclosing all facts related to your accident and injuries will make your claim stronger.

  1.    With your attorney, consider all of your options and determine which is best for you.

Do not accept an insurance company’s settlement until you have explored all of your options. You may be entitled to a larger compensation for your injuries. Should you accept a settlement from an insurance company then you forfeit the right to file a claim through a personal injury lawyer.


Neglecting to contact a personal injury lawyer because you are worried about fees could cost you even more in the end through lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses.

Cummings Andrews Mackay LLP offers free consultation. Contact us to discuss your options and we’ll tell you what can be done with your case, free of charge.

What is our fee if you move forward with a lawsuit?

Our fees are based on a percentage of what you recover. You pay nothing until your claim is successfully resolved. In addition, we pay all upfront legal expenses while your case is ongoing.