6 Deadly Vehicle Manufacture Defects Since 2000

When most people think of product liability lawsuits they often imagine faulty kitchen appliances, poor building materials (asbestos), or media-famous lawsuits like those against the tobacco industry and McDonald’s. But many of us often neglect to think about the products we use daily – vehicles. Product liability events that often take on the most serious personal injuries, even death, are vehicle manufacture defects.

To shed light on some of the more recent serious product liabilities, we’ve compiled a list of the six deadliest vehicle manufacture defects since the year 2000.

1. 2000 Lincoln Navigator Cruise Control Glitch

Ford Motor Company experienced a bad start to the 21st century when its 2000 Lincoln Navigator was reported to have a glitch in its cruise control, causing the SUV’s engine to overheat and, in some cases, burst into flames. Continue reading