How to Increase the Chances to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

July 21 2015

There are multiple steps that can be taken in order to ensure you have the highest chance to win your personal injury claim.

Act fast.

A personal injury lawyer is best able to help you directly in the aftermath of an accident or incident. It’s best to call a personal injury lawyer ASAP.

Get as much good evidence as possible.

The more details you can provide—the better. Strong evidence and details go hand in hand. Take lots of photos—of the site, of the aftermath, of the surrounding area, of the damage.

Begin medical treatment right away.

The longer you wait, the more uncertain insurance companies will be that you were actually badly injured. From a personal injury claim standpoint, going to the ER is much better than going to your personal doctor.

Be honest.

It’s often said that the number-one determining factor when it comes to personal injury claims is the plaintiff’s credibility.

Be patient.

You can’t maximize the value of your settlement without allowing your body time to respond to treatment.

Stay away from social media.

Insurance companies can access your social media posts—be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. Lawyers can be very creative; they can take your posts and photos out of context and use them against you in a case.

To win a personal injury claim, you must be honest, thorough, patient, and cautious.