Four Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Being the victim of an accident or suffering a personal injury through no fault of your own may entitle you to legal compensation and the financial assistance needed to cover the cost of medical care, reimburse you for lost wages or deal with other matters pertaining to your injury. Retaining the services of an experienced accident lawyer can be of critical importance for clients who elect to move forward with a case, claim or other proceedings. Clients who have a better understanding of what to ask during an initial consultation may be far more likely to choose the most suitable law representation to their case. Continue reading

Personal Injury Law: How Do I Know if I Deserve Money for my Injury?

It is not always exactly clear to an injury victim whether they have standing to file a legal claim following an accident. There are specific rules to this determination and many times it takes consultation with a personal injury attorney regarding potential material case facts. Regardless of the situation, it is always necessary to retain an experienced personal injury attorney when injuries are significant and the case could be a high-value claim. Personal injury claims are often strongly contested, and having an effective and knowledgeable attorney can be the difference in actually being made whole or merely receiving a low settlement offer from the respondent insurance company adjuster. Continue reading

The Settlement Process To A Personal Injury Claim

Are you planning on contacting a lawyer to file a claim and are curious or nervous about the process? The following infographic easily explains the steps involved in settling a personal injury claim from the first consultation to the final appeal.


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Supreme Court of Canada Trilogy Cases set precedent for Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Why should you hire CAM LLP as your personal injury lawyers?  Because we have been helping injured clients get fair compensation for their injuries since 1962.  In addition to over 150 years of combined experience helping accident victims, our firm of Edmonton injury lawyers set the Canadian precedent for injury damages in two of the trilogy of cases decided in 1978 by the Supreme Court of Canada.  In other words, we literally helped set the standard that all injury lawyers follow when assessing damages.

You can hire any lawyer you like, but if you have been seriously injured, it makes sense to hire lawyers who understand the principles that will be applied to your case, and the strategy that should be applied to the facts of your case to negotiate a fair settlement of your claim.  Continue reading

Schools to get injury guidelines in January

October 16, 1998 – by Jim Farrell

Journal Staff Writer Edmonton – School administrators should receive a new set of safety guidelines in January to help them avoid sports injuries like the one that resulted last week in a $4-million award to a young woman paralysed in a gymnastics accident.

Alberta Education, Alberta Health and Alberta Community Development, in partnership with a consortium of physical education and injury control organizations, are nearing completion on a document called Alberta Physical Education Safety Guidelines.

The document is meant to provide a consistent safety standard for physical education activities that can be applied by local school boards, said Margaret Schwartz, special projects co-ordinator for Schools Come Alive, one of the contributing organizations.

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Paralyzed woman plans for degree, marriage, babies

October 16, 1998 – by Kerry Powell

Legal Affairs Writer

Edmonton – When Margaret MacCabe raced out to warm up for a high-school gymnastics class seven years ago, she didn’t know it would be the last run of her life.

Minutes later, she tried a back flip off a box horse and came straight back down on her head, slipping off the edge of the crash mat and on to the floor.

“She called out right away,” a fellow student recalls. “She knew that something was wrong. She said that she couldn’t feel her arms, she couldn’t feel her legs, was she paralyzed, was she paralyzed — and she just kept repeating that.”

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