Mediating Your Personal Injury Claim – What Is It and Why Do It?

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an interactive process that involves bringing you and your lawyer together with the insurance adjuster and their lawyer to try to resolve your claim with the assistance of a Mediator. A Mediator is a neutral third party, usually a personal injury lawyer or retired judge, with special mediation skills. The Mediator will try to help you and the insurance company negotiate a settlement of your personal injury claim. The goal of Mediation is to  resolve your claim.

Preparation for Mediation

Your lawyer will meet with you well before the date scheduled for Mediation, to prepare you. Continue reading

Bicycle Accidents: Who’s Liable and Riding Safely

June is bike month in Edmonton, when the City encourages everyone to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise, exposure to the great outdoors, and pure fun by increasing the amount they bike, whether for recreation or as transportation to school or work. Along with the benefits of biking come some potential hazards, however, and it is essential to keep safety in mind at all times. As experienced plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyers we offer the following insight into factors that affect liability (who’s at fault) for a cycling accident and some tips to ensure that you and your family have a safe and happy biking experience. Continue reading

Fatal Accidents: Compensation for the Loss of a Family Member

Fatal accidents are never a pleasant topic but with Mother’s Day just past and Father’s Day approaching, we as personal injury lawyers are reminded of our many clients who have lost a mother, father, spouse, or child through the negligence of another.

What happens when the victim of a fatal accident is a parent, child or spouse?

In addition to CPP death benefits and Section B death benefits (if the death is as a result of a motor vehicle accident), you may also be entitled to claim damages from the parties who were at fault for the accident. These damages consist of:

  1. Bereavement Damages

Bereavement damages are for the loss of the guidance, care and companionship of the deceased and are mandated by legislation. Continue reading